About photographer

I am creeding, that basics of my interest in photography be found at selfportretwebearly age. When I often traveled by side my father and hauled heavy backpack with my principal camera on my shoulders.
Fascination look through viewfinder to immense face of the World.
That is, what continues inside me to this days.
After many years, full of diverse life transformation and searching my own way… finally lead underlying inspiration and age-long passion, pushed me into photography. More importantly. I found, I was able to use the camera as means of expressing  with surroudings.
In spite of  I`am mostly self-taugh as a photographer, I recived my practice in perfect point of view with study of books, paitings and contemplation on every subsequent travel. I quickly discovered that a measure of talent existing in doing so. And so began my journey as a traveller freelance photographer.
But for me, it is not only create photos.
A resulting addiction on travel sparked a serious interest in photography, as a means to capture and share my adventurous experiences.
At the time when I travel, feel like a kid in candy store.